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Inspiration Illustrated

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Here's what about 12-15 minutes got me. I'll try the other pose later
on and I may revisit this one for a longer period of time as well. As I
side note... I'm liking the Moleskine.
Media: Derwent Drawing Pencil-Venetian Red 63 in the Moleskine

-Post Modern Ennui

3 Responses to “Inspiration Illustrated”

  1. Blogger DC Bowe 

    Awesome! I've got the next couple of days off and I'm babysitting the puppy, so I'll have lots of time to work on these. And I shall venture into the Moleskine when I do so.

  2. Blogger jim3da 

    Looks good... should we be discussing methods? Do you get the figure down quick and then go back and define more? I've been using the old non-photo blue pencil for the first pass and then go back and add more definition with a regular pencil but I feel like I'm always too sketchy.. never get a clean line.

  3. Blogger Post Modern Ennui 

    Thanks. Discussing methods? No. Absolutely not.

    Nah, I'm kidding. I'll discuss. You're pretty much right on. I basically get the figure down quick first and then go back and work some areas more after that. Sometimes I'll spend a little more time in one spot before I've roughed in the entire thiing. For instance, on this one I think I began to add some definition to her arms and legs before I gave her a head.

    When you did your sketch on the Wacom, did you work straight on the tablet, or draw something out first on paper to guide on the tablet? I find that when I'm working the tablet directly, I have to go in afterwards with the mouse and tweak the handles to fix my work (I draw into Illustrator CS when I use the tablet). There's a strange disconnect drawing on the tablet and looking at the screen that I don't think I'll ever quite get used to. It reminds me of the excercise in drawing class where you're required to draw something without ever taking your eyes off of it to look at the paper.

    Ooh... long post. Sorry 'bout that.

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