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tank girl with lots of hair


No entries this time around... bummer. Well here is mine.

I like where this was going until I made her right hand. Oh Well... I still like it. If you guys know Tank Girl usually she has a Mohawk, holding gun, and has missiles for breasts. I guess this would be the PG-13 version.
(Uniball Vision Pen on Sketch Paper)

Later. Semifatboy.

Inspiration Illustrated vol. 2


Time for another installment.

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Popeye themed playing cards


This is part of what was keeping me from II vol. 1. We had to design playing cards using line as a value and they had to have a theme. I chose Popeye. I like Popeye. I think that should be fairly obvious by now.
media: sketchbook, non-photo blue pencil, pigma pen, color and layout in photoshop.


II sketch


I had a lot of drawing to do for school over the last 2 weeks, so all I managed to get done for Inspiration Illustrated was a rough sketch.
media: non-photo blue pencil, moleskine


leanback-platform color and bw


I surfed over from Jim's blog and I thought this was cool exercise. So I figured I would send my 2 cents in.
The sketch was just pencil to paper. Then I brought it into Photoshop to colorized it. I like them both for different reasons hence why I sent them both. You can chose one or both if you deem worthy.



To answer Gino I figured it might be good to post this. I’ve been using Alias Sketchbook which is surprisingly reactive unlike some other programs. And its not vector so its more like painting in photoshop. Just recently I’ve hooked my laptop output up to my tv screen and held the tablet at more of an angle. At first I was straining my eyes looking at my monitor all the time but the tv is typically further from your eyes and for me seemed to simulate a distance more similar to that of a model in a figure drawing class. I have to admit that this image was not drawn in the traditional way either. I brought up the jpg and drew over it. So I can’t take credit for things being in proportion. Although I’ve been reading a book which focuses on the balance and force in a pose and I was really trying to work on that aspect. I figured it was a good way to just focus on that one thing while not having to worry about the other aspects of drawing for right now.


Space Chick


I sort of ran in a sci fi direction with the girl in black picture.

-The Fu

Inspiration Illustrated


Here's what about 12-15 minutes got me. I'll try the other pose later
on and I may revisit this one for a longer period of time as well. As I
side note... I'm liking the Moleskine.
Media: Derwent Drawing Pencil-Venetian Red 63 in the Moleskine

-Post Modern Ennui

II vol1


I might have another go at it later but for now…. Here she is. Dusted off the wacom and drew something for the first time in a while.


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