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Shady Boobage

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eyeHere's another charcoal rendering I did. This one was off the top of my head. I had actually drew a similar pose on a Post-it note. I liked how the rough little ball point sketch came out, so I thought I'd take a shot at nicely shaded version. Sure the proportions are greatly exaggerated, but realism of the female figure wasn't what I was going for. Cool shading was. Maybe I'll try a woman with a face and some nipples down the road.


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  1. Blogger Post Modern Ennui 

    Nice modeling! It's nice that I've already seen that sketch "live," yet still feel the need to comment on it, in writing and on the internet. This is what modern times are all about. Eventually, humanity will evolve to a point where vocal chords no longer exist. It's okay. Our hands and fingers will be tougher so as to type longer without fatigue. It should be noted that OmniWeb is apparently so robust, that it has launched it's "CrashCatcher" utility informing me of an unrecoverable error, yet I post and listen to the new Taproot album on what seems to be a web browser that has already crashed. That's impressive. Impressive like this fantastic drawing which I now give props. (like the way I turned that ramble back on topic?) Passion fruit.


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