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To answer Gino I figured it might be good to post this. I’ve been using Alias Sketchbook which is surprisingly reactive unlike some other programs. And its not vector so its more like painting in photoshop. Just recently I’ve hooked my laptop output up to my tv screen and held the tablet at more of an angle. At first I was straining my eyes looking at my monitor all the time but the tv is typically further from your eyes and for me seemed to simulate a distance more similar to that of a model in a figure drawing class. I have to admit that this image was not drawn in the traditional way either. I brought up the jpg and drew over it. So I can’t take credit for things being in proportion. Although I’ve been reading a book which focuses on the balance and force in a pose and I was really trying to work on that aspect. I figured it was a good way to just focus on that one thing while not having to worry about the other aspects of drawing for right now.


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  1. Blogger Post Modern Ennui 

    That looks great. I'm going to have to try Sketchbook out. I messed with it very briefly at work (downloaded the demo during lunch one day), but didn't try to do anything serious with it.

    As far as reference... ever try Virtual Pose?

  2. Blogger jim3da 

    I just checked out the virtual pose site... looks interesting but a little expensive. Is it like 10 bucks per pose or am I reading that wrong? Anyways... I've been using They upload 3 new models every week and a lot of the poses are good for drawing... a good amount are full body so you don't have to deal with legs getting cut off, etc. If you check the site out theres a newsletter section that actually has a lot of sample images that'll give you an idea of what to expect.

  3. Blogger Post Modern Ennui 

    Per pose it is pretty expensive, but the three volumes of books they have out are pretty good. The third one is the best of the three. Each one come with a CD that has Quicktime VR versions of each pose so that you can rotate the model around for different views. I think you can still find the books at Barnes & Noble. I'm going to check out right now.

  4. Blogger jim3da 

    well now you've gone and done it dan... I've started my own blog. I uploaded some more sketches that I did in alias to the blog if you'd like to check them out.

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