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tank girl with lots of hair

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No entries this time around... bummer. Well here is mine.

I like where this was going until I made her right hand. Oh Well... I still like it. If you guys know Tank Girl usually she has a Mohawk, holding gun, and has missiles for breasts. I guess this would be the PG-13 version.
(Uniball Vision Pen on Sketch Paper)

Later. Semifatboy.

5 Responses to “tank girl with lots of hair”

  1. Blogger DC Bowe 

    I think I created a monster. Everybody registered for a blog so they can post comments on my site. Now Everyone just puts their drawings on their own blogs. My pic for this II is coming (eventually).

  2. Blogger Semifatboy 

    Yah.. well that stinks.

    Can't wait to see what you got. By the way I love the cards you did. I'm guessing Olive would be the queen. Though I think the Jack would be tough one. There are so many additional choices.

  3. Blogger DC Bowe 

    Hey, thanks. We didn't have to do a Jack for our assignment. Just Ace, King, Queen, Joker, and a pattern for the flip side of the cards. Olive was indeed the the Queen and Wimpy was the Joker. Maybe I'll post the rest of 'em.
    And I like your take on the the cool pose chick. It kinda reminds me of that dancing girl in Jabba's palace in Jedi.

  4. Blogger Post Modern Ennui 

    Nah... I reserve Inspiration Illustrated entries for Delineature exclusively. I'll be doing some stuff this weekend, so by early next week, at the latest, I'll throw some stuff on up here (you know... got to scan it and the whole nine...).

  5. Blogger Semifatboy 

    She does remind me too of Jabba's dancer. For some reason I just didn't want to admit it to myself.

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